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There is a rather poignant Fred Craddock story about a church in interregnum interviewing a prospective Minister, that goes something like this: The chair of the church’s Search Committee said to the minister being interviewed, ‘You preached a really good sermon … as good a sermon as we’ve heard in this church for a long […]


I am reflecting once again on some of the lessons learned during our recent sabbatical in Israel-Palestine. I am remembering the time Julia and I caught the No. 15 bus back to Saint Margaret’s Guest House in upper Nazareth (where our group was staying) after church one Sunday morning. The No. 15 bus route in […]


I am sitting in the Den, looking out of the window at the trees in our orchard, and thinking about the way we are shaped by our particular culture. I am not just thinking of my own inherent ‘Englishness’ but of the way I have also changed in the two years I have been living […]


I am reflecting on our recent visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and particularly on what has become known as ‘the immovable ladder of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre’?! I really, really dislike the Church of the Holy Sepulchre! It is the most awful place and I only go there […]


It is early morning and I am sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee and eating ‘first breakfast’ (readers of The Lord of the Rings will understand). The rest of our household are still all asleep – even Reggie Doggie! I am watching the rain absolutely pouring down outside. It is such a contrast to the […]


I am sitting in Specsavers Opticians in Weymouth waiting for Julia. She is having her eyes tested. I am anticipating a big bill for new spectacles. There is nothing wrong with her eyesight, although she does wear spectacles for reading, but she got a letter through the post offering her an eye test for only […]


I am sitting in the Coffee Shop in Christchurch in Jerusalem. Julia is queueing up for coffee and cake. I am sitting in a comfortable easy chair resting my tired legs after walking half way round the walls of this amazing city. I am feeling quite relaxed and mellow. Our time in Israel-Palestine is drawing […]