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GEORGE! DON’T DO THAT! (Chania Chatter 2)

It is our first evening in Chania, Crete. We have unpacked our cases. Stocked up on food, etc. from the local supermarket just down the road. Struggled back up the five flights of stairs to our top floor apartment with its stunning views over the old town, harbour, and the Mediterranean. Had a couple of […]

DOCTOR! DOCTOR! (Chania Chatter 1)

‘Is there anyone on board who is either a doctor or a nurse or someone who has had any kind of medical training at all?’ Immediately overhead indicator lights go on up and down the plane! It would appear that Julia and I are the only people on board who are not medically trained?! The […]

MOVING ON (Fruit of the Vine 1)

A man went on safari with his wife and mother-in-law. One night the couple woke to find the mother gone. In a clearing, not far from the camp they came upon a chilling sight … the mother-in-law face-to-face with a snarling lion. The man’s wife said: “What are we going to do?” “Nothing!” replied the […]


‘Has anyone seen my iPad?’ I ask. We are in the middle of packing up Chipps Barton – the family home for the last 25 years for Julia’s mother, Olivia. She is 90 years of age now and we all feel (including Olivia herself) that it is the right time for her to move from […]