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ALLEZ LES BLEUS! (Voyage to Villemoustaussou 6)

We are in Carcassonne, on board our boat, waiting for our cruise down the Canal du Midi to start. We are moored next to another boat that belongs to the same company but is due to go in the opposite direction. The weather is warm and sunny and we are looking forward to our cruise. […]

SUN, SEA AND SANGRIA (Voyage to Villemoustaussou 5)

The weather is hot and sunny … just as it has been all week … and we are in a posh, new marina area, somewhere between Gruissan and Narbonne, recovering after a hectic couple of days in which we have driven up into the Montagne Noire (to visit the Four Castles at Lastours) and then […]

CARCASSONNE AND CASSOULET (Voyage to Villemoustaussou 4)

It is all my friend Adrian Smith’s fault! Here we are in the historic, medieval town of Carcassonne in the south of France … having lunch in a restaurant in the crowded Place Marcou … and a waiter is down on one knee proposing marriage to my wife?! My French has improved considerably since the […]

CANNABIS AND CALYPSO (Voyage to Villemoustaussou 3)

CANNABIS AND CALYPSO (Voyage to Villemoustaussou 3)

    This holiday we are really enjoying cannabis and calypso. The heady fragrance and sense of complete freedom we are discovering makes you just want to get up and dance! We wanted this stage of our annual holiday in France to be really different and that is just how it is proving to be. […]

FRED PERRY (Voyage to Villemoustaussou 2)

This summer I am sporting a new … new for me, that is … range of ‘Fred Perry’ sports shirts for holiday wear. Julia has decided that I am now too old (and too fat) for wearing my usual range of ‘trendy tee-shirts’ and insisted that I buy a whole new wardrobe of Fred Perry […]

MONSIEUR BREXIT (Voyage to Villemoustaussou 1)

It is 7.30 a.m. and Julia and I are in Portsmouth, in a queue of cars all waiting to board the Brittany Ferry to Cherbourg. We are off to France again for our summer holiday … only three weeks this time … rather than our usual two to three months. It is all Julia’s fault […]