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JULIA SAVES THE DAY … TWICE! (Resting in Ceyreste 3)

Bruno shares some very interesting information with us. Bruno, by the way, runs the campsite shop/bar/restaurant here at Camping de Ceyreste, so we somehow manage to see quite a lot of him. Complimenting us on our French, he goes on to tell us that this is important because apparently 90% of French people do not […]

CHAMPAGNE IN CHAMPAGNE (Resting in Ceyreste 2)

Having booked our summer holiday in France, Julia could actually see no further than our first night in Reims and having a glass of champagne in Champagne. A few months ago we had seen a photo of a couple sitting at a table by the cathedral in Reims drinking champagne … and from that moment […]

THE WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND (Resting in Ceyreste 1)

You know that you have arrived in France when the windmills start appearing, fields of them running along the motorways leading away from Calais. By windmills I mean wind turbines of course, those huge yet strangely graceful structures that look like the Martian spacecraft in H G Wells, War of the Worlds – not proper […]

WHAT KIND OF MISSION … AND SO WHAT? (Notes from Knaphill 13)

One of our Regional Ministers (a kind of Baptist ‘Bishop’ if you like) was meeting with the leadership team of a reasonably large Baptist Church in his area that was in a time of ‘Pastoral Vacancy’. During the preamble to the meeting proper the casual conversation had covered some of the enquiries fielded by the […]