Jim and Julia Binney


I have an open and friendly disposition. I am told that I am a good preacher, communicating the deep truths of God in an interesting and relevant way.  My preaching has been described as Scriptural, Christ-centred, intelligent and encouraging. My heart is for dynamic and meaningful worship where people are able to participate and use their creative gifts to the glory of God.  I am interested in what is known as Ancient/Future worship which takes the best of the old and the new, and blends it into creative forms of worship. I have always had a servant heart, and am considered to be an empathic and caring listener, pastorally prayerful and discerning.  My leadership style is relational; from a strong and secure position, I am flexible and supportive of others. I seek to be encouraging, enabling and facilitating, developing a relational church not just managing an institution. I have a passion for prayer and different forms of prayer and helping people develop their prayer life. I have a real desire to see the church built up in the faith with discipleship and small groups fostering spiritual growth but I also see the work of ministry to be wider than the Church. I seek to work to bring God’s kingdom to our communities by being involved in community ministry. Such involvement in the community creates opportunities for evangelism.  I hope to promote greater awareness of relevant issues in church life, individual/corporate renewal and to help people to find their ministry as the body of Christ.  Recent experience has strengthened my heart for the marginalised and vulnerable and I believe that the church should speak and act prophetically on issues of social justice.

I am a Radical Evangelical, open to the things of the Spirit and Baptist in churchmanship. I am interested in contemporary thinking on Mission and the reshaping of the church for today where mission and discipleship go hand in hand as with evangelism and pastoral care.  I hold to the set of beliefs outlined in the Baptist booklet ‘Who’d be a Baptist’ and find the BU Five Core Values of a Gospel People articulate well my vision of the local church being a community that is worshipping, prophetic, sacrificial, missional and inclusive. I also enjoy other approaches to the Christian faith and respect alternative views. Having been a Student Minister with an LEP and worked closely with Churches Together in Beckenham (I led the setting up of the local Street Pastors Scheme), I would always want to be involved ecumenically. I feel that mission, evangelism, pastoral care and work in the community go hand in hand.  It is in how we live together authentically in God’s community of faith, living out Kingdom values in our society that contributes so much to the mission of God.

I come from a nominal Anglican background and, as a child, attended our local parish church. After University and a variety of jobs, I found myself at a crossroads in my life. I experienced what I can only describe as an awakening of the soul and began searching for God.  I knew the great truths of the Christian faith but found myself suddenly believing that Jesus really did rise from the dead and that he is still alive today. This experience completely revolutionised my life and I committed my life to Christ in 1987. I developed a deeper understanding of repentance and faith, forgiveness and the work of the Holy Spirit.  I was baptised by immersion in 1988 and benefitted from a renewal experience in 1989. I had grown spiritually but knew I needed a dynamic input from God to sustain my walk with God. It was a life changing experience when I believe the Lord first spoke to me about ministry.  I married Jim (an ordained Baptist Minister) in 1991 and moved to Kinmel Hall. This was a very exciting time, as we developed a Ministry Team and had significant input into the lives of the volunteers. We then moved to Bewdley, Worcestershire and prayerfully waited for God to reveal the next step and it was during this time that I developed a passion for theology and church history.  I started working at the Pioneer Centre (a Christian Conference and Holiday centre in Shropshire), which gave me incalculable experience and training, at the same time as Jim was called to be the Pastor of Far Forest Baptist Church, Worcestershire. In 1996, I became a full time Pastoral Worker at Far Forest  BC and then Kings Heath & Moseley BC from 1997. I increasingly felt the call to become an ordained Minister and therefore needed to be trained and accredited. After training Jim and I were called to share in Ministry at Beckenham Baptist Church where during our seven years, by the grace of God, we saw considerable growth both spiritually and numerically. Following a period of ill-health I stepped down from my role as Associate Minister at Beckenham Baptist Church and took a year’s ‘leave of absence’ from the Baptist Ministry. At the same time Jim also stood down from his role as the Senior Minister at Beckenham Baptist Church and ‘retired’ from the Baptist Ministry. We moved down to West Dorset to ‘house share’ with my elderly mother with a view to me eventually returning to the Baptist Ministry when I had fully recovered from my illness.  What I anticipated as a year’s (or at the most two’s) absence from the Baptist Ministry turned out to be nearer five. During this period I had a number of conversations/opportunities with various churches with a view to settlement but, for one reason or another, none of them were right.  This period ‘out of Ministry’, however, proved to be very profitable in a number of ways. It was a time of deep reflection but also one of re-invigoration and re-envisioning giving me an even greater passion for the Church of Christ and God’s mission to our needy world. In 2015 I was approached by Knaphill Baptist Church, Woking – a numerically small, but lively, warm and enthusiastic fellowship – and after various conversations with the Deacons and people, and visits to lead worship and preach, I accepted an overwhelming invitation to become their new Pastor. Jim and I moved to Knaphill at the beginning of December 2015, and I commenced my ministry there at the beginning of 2016. 


1969-74  Loughborough High School
1974-76  Bosworth College, Leics
1976-79  University of Essex
1980-81  Queen Margaret College Edinburgh                                      
Theological Education
1999 -2002     Spurgeon’s College: Church Based Ministerial Training for a Diploma in Pastoral Studies
2004-2007       College of Preachers based at Spurgeon’s College: Masters Degree in Theology
7 GCE ‘O’ levels; 3 GCE ‘A’ levels; BA Hons Degree in Economics; HCIMA Post Graduate Diploma;
Diploma of Theology in Pastoral Studies; Master of Theology (MTh) in Preaching

Work Experience prior to Ministerial Training
After university, I studied accountancy, but did not take to it.  I trained in Hotel, Catering & Institutional Management, joining Mecca Leisure in 1981 as a Catering Manager, then Vittle Inns in 1983.   In 1984, I started a Catering Supply business, dealing in fresh fish and game. After selling the business in 1987 (this is when I became a Christian), I joined a local Estate Agency becoming a District Director with Abbey National over eight offices around West London.  I then got married and moved to N. Wales.

1991-1992        Centre Manager, Kinmel Hall Christian Conference Centre, Abergele, North Wales
1993-1996        Catering & Domestic Manager (& member of leadership team), Pioneer Centre, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire
1995-1997        Deacon for Social Responsibility, Far Forest Baptist Church, Worcestershire
1996-1997        Pastoral Worker, Far Forest Baptist Church, Worcestershire
1997-2003       Pastoral Worker, King Heath & Moseley Baptist Church (New Life), Birmingham
1998-2003       Member of Executive Committee of Hazelmere Trust (Baptist Residential Home)
2000-2002       Student Pastor, Trinity Church, Solihull, West Midlands (Local Ecumenical Project)
2004-2010       Associate Minister, Beckenham Baptist Church, Elm Road, Beckenham, Kent
2014- Assessor for Spurgeon’s College on the Church Training Initiative Course
2015- Online Tutor in ‘Preaching and Teaching in the Context of Worship’ and ‘Teaching and Preaching the Prophets’ at Spurgeon’s College
2015- Minister, Knaphill Baptist Church, High Street, Woking, Surrey
2016- Part-Time Volunteer Sessional Chaplain – HMP Send

I love the countryside and the sea. I am interested in history and visiting historical buildings. I enjoy walking, swimming, cycling, cooking, knitting, painting, reading, and restoring antique furniture. I also like looking at art and going to the cinema. We enjoy our holidays; camping in France (I am improving my French) and travelling more widely.

I have been married to Jim for twenty-sixyears. We sensed a call to Joint Ministry while Jim was the Minister at Kings Heath, Birmingham and I trained for Ministry at this time. We moved to Beckenham as Joint Ministers but, as Jim had already been a Baptist Minister for many years and as I was just ordained, he became the Senior Minister and I was the Associate. We had hoped to stay in Beckenham with me eventually becoming the Senior Minister as this is what the church had anticipated. However with the onset of a period of illness the deacons felt that my Ministry had come to end. I am now fully recovered and have returned to the Baptist Ministry ‘full-time’ as the Minister of Knaphill Baptist Church, Woking. More information about us both is available on our web page (details below).


Contact Address: Knaphill Baptist Church, 88 High Street, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey GU21 2PZ

Telephone: 01483474083 (home) or 07533555656 (mobile)

Email: minister@knaphillbaptistchurch.org.uk or  juliabinney@outlook.com

Web Page: http://therevjs.com           Date of Birth: 15.05.58           Marital Status: Married

Name of Spouse: Jim  (d.o.b. 13.11.43) Dependent Children: None       Other Dependents:  None


I believe that God has called and equipped me to be a Leader and a Pastor-Teacher within the Church. I am seen as a dynamic leader whose gifts are prophetic, visionary and transformational. Every church that I have pastored has recognised my teaching gift and each church has grown significantly both in numbers and spirituality during my time there. I am considered to be a powerful and effective preacher and teacher. I enjoy preaching and have worked hard over the last few years to develop my preaching gift. My heart is to communicate Biblical truth and the message of Jesus in a relevant and effective way using words and visuals. I enjoy pastoral work, including regular pastoral visitation, and also see it as an extension of my teaching ministry.

Whilst (like many Baptist-Christians) my roots are in reformed faith, I am  also indebted to the renewal movement of the 1960s and 1970s, but am perhaps best described as a radical evangelical who also appreciates other Christian spiritualities. I am committed to Ancient-Future Worship – taking the best of the old and the best of the new and blending them into a meaningful whole. I am sympathetic to the ecumenical movement and, as well as being actively involved in Churches Together in Beckenham, and Chairperson for two years, I helped set up ecumenical Street Pastors in Beckenham after being approached by the local police for help. I believe that Christians of all denominations (I prefer to think in terms of spiritualities) need to work together if we are to impact society. During our time in Beckenham I also served as a Governor of a local school. As a Baptist-Christian I am committed to Association life and believe that interdependency rather than independency should be the watchword of the local church in this direction. In the local church, although a primary leader, I see myself as a member of a team and am committed to developing team and body ministry. I am committed to congregational government but believe this should be understood in terms of community and consensus rather than democracy. As such I believe we must be open to hearing God speak through the episcopal figure (apostle or pastor), or presbytery (elders or deacons), as well as through the congregational meeting. I believe that the local church needs to be a missionary congregation, whilst retaining its commitment to Pastoral care and discipleship.

Coming from a completely non-Christian background, I was converted in 1960 at the age of 16 years during a youth meeting at Greenford Baptist Church, Middlesex, and baptised a year later becoming a member of the church. A convinced evangelical from the moment of my conversion I still subscribe broadly to evangelical faith. At 18 years of age I was one of the Youth Leaders in the church and at 21 elected to the Diaconate. In 1965 I entered Spurgeon’s College, London, to train for the Baptist Ministry having heard the call of God to such a ministry when I was 18 years old. In 1967, whilst still a student at Spurgeon’s, I came into a renewal experience which changed my life significantly. The depth of experience gained through over 40 years of pastoral ministry has given me a broad view of things and a profound appreciation of the needs of today’s society. The break up of my first marriage in 1987 led to a period of darkness and difficulty and ultimately caused me to prayerfully review my faith and lifestyle. By God’s grace I have come through that period a stronger, better and wiser, person. That experience has given me a greater understanding of the grace, mercy and forgiveness of God, and a greater compassion for others, particularly those who are going through difficult times themselves. Prayer has become more vital to me personally and for the people I am called to serve. My passion, enthusiasm, excitement and vitality for the work of ministry is greater than ever, and I continue to be convinced of the power of the Gospel to change lives and society today. I am currently Community Minister at Knaphill Baptist Church, Woking, where I support my wife, Julia, in her role as the Minister of Knaphill Baptist Church, with a remit to ‘head up’ the church’s outreach work into the community. I am also the Network Pastor for the 20+ churches of the North Downs Network of the South Eastern Baptist Association of the Baptist Union of Great Britain with responsibility for the pastoral care of the 29 or so Pastors who serve the various churches. I am an active member of the Knaphill Residents’ Association Committee, and in 2017 took over as Editor of the Knaphill News, a quarterly glossy magazine that is distributed free to around 5,000 homes in Knaphill, and has a readership of c.15,000 people.

I attended Greenford County Grammar School: 6 GCE ‘O’levels, and 1 GCE ‘A’ level.
Theological Education
From 1965-69 I attended Spurgeon’s College, London, and trained for the Baptist Ministry, being ordained in 1969. From 1982-87 I took a BA in Theology, and from 1994-97 an MTh in Applied Theology, followed by an M.Phil in Divinity from 2000-2009 … all part time with Spurgeon’s College, London.
BA in Theology (CNAA); MTh in Applied Theology (Wales); MPhil in Divinity (Wales)
I am currently considering working towards a Doctorate in Pastoral Theology
Work Experience prior to Ministerial Training
On leaving school in 1960 I worked as a trainee draughtsman in the Mechanical Engineering department of Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd., Southall, Middlesex. During two breaks in pastoral service I have also worked as a Financial Consultant and in Estate Agency.
In Ministry
1969-73 Pastor, Bewdley Baptist Church, Worcestershire
1973-77 Assemblies of God Ministry
1977-80 Senior Pastor, Mitcham Lane Baptist Church, Streatham, London
1982-87 Senior Pastor, Teddington Baptist Church, Middlesex
1991-1992 Resident Director, Kinmel Hall Christian Conference Centre, Abergele, North Wales
1993-97 Pastor, Far Forest Baptist Church, Worcestershire
1996-2000 Board Member of Christian International Relief Mission
1996-2001 Open Learning Course Tutor in NT Introduction & NT Theology, Spurgeon’s College
1997 President, Worcestershire Baptist Association
1997-2004 Pastor, Kings Heath and Moseley Baptist Church, Kings Heath, Birmingham
2004-10 Senior Pastor, Beckenham Baptist Church, Beckenham, Kent
2011- Baptist Ministers’ Fellowship Committee Member
2011-2015 Online Tutor in ‘Preaching and Teaching in the Context of Worship’ and ‘Teaching and Preaching the Prophets’ at Spurgeon’s College
2015- Online Tutor in ‘Doctrine of the Spirit and the Ethics of Responsiveness’ and ‘Theologies of Mission’ at Spurgeon’s College
2016- Community Minister, Knaphill Baptist Church (non-stipendiary)                 2016- Network Pastor for the 20+ churches of the North Downs Network of the South Eastern Baptist Association of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Leisure Activities
I am very interested in history and am a member of the National Trust, English Heritage, and a Friend of the Royal Academy. I enjoy all sports although I do not participate in many these days apart from being a member of Knaphill Bowling Club, and on the Committee of Knaphill Cricket Club. I support Brentford FC and Middlesex CCC but don’t manage to get to many games these days. I am an avid reader, a keen gardener, and enjoy DIY, painting with water colour and acrylic, photography, writing and walking. I am an active member of the Knaphill Residents’ Association and edit its quarterly magazine, Knaphill News, which has a circulation of 5,000 copies and a readership of 15,000 throughout Knaphill and the surrounding villages.

I have been married to Julia for 26 years. We have no children of our own but I have two grown up children (from my first marriage), and four grandchildren. Julia is also an ordained and accredited Baptist Minister and was Associate Pastor with me at Beckenham Baptist Church. She is currently the Minister of Knaphill Baptist Church, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey. Julia and I still see ourselves very much as a team and believe God is still calling us to work together in ministry in some form or other.


Contact Address: Knaphill Baptist Church, 88 High Street, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey GU21 2PZ

Telephone: 01483474083 (home) 07533555887 (mobile) Email: jimbinney@outlook.com

Web Page: http://therevjs.com

Date of Birth: 13.11.43     Marital Status: Married     Name of Spouse: Julia (d.o.b 15.05.58)

Dependant Children: None                 Other Dependants: None


3 comments on “Profiles

  1. I am very sad we lost such a talented couple, but feel very privileged to have had you both as my pastor’s for the short time that I did. I hope you will find the right church soon, and be able to carry on the good work you have both been doing for so many years.


  2. Julia, I have just finished reading your profile and am totally amazed of your achievments over the years.
    One of the things that I really value in a Pastor is good management skills and you certainly had those, apart from the obvious of course, being able to preach. However there is one thing that concerns me, if you were to go back into ministry, that your illness may return especially if you were to start over doing things. You also have to help your Mother on a regular basis.


  3. Hi Linda. Thank you for leaving a comment on our page and for your encouraging words about my ministry. I have been fully recovered from the illness for a while and am looking forward to God opening the next door into the place of his choosing. I still feel called to the ministry and hope to be able to put my experience and training into effective use for the Kingdom. Like so many I will have to be aware of areas of weakness like someone whose leg has healed after a break but (as in 2 Corinthians 12:10) I think this will actually make me stronger in his service. My mother is quite elderly but remarkably fit and I have two sisters with whom I share the care. She would be aghast at the thought that I was not fulfilling my God given purpose just to look after her. We will of course continue to help and support her as we did from Beckenham when we do eventually move on. I trust all is well with you. Love, Julia


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