THE GOD WHO SPEAKS (Advent 2, 2017)

Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) was possibly the greatest person in the Church between New Testament times and the Reformation. The story of his conversion is both extraordinary and wonderful. Augustine was, by any standards, a remarkable man. He was a university professor, possessed a brilliant mind, was a profound philosopher … yet at the […]

THE GOD WHO COMES (Advent 1, 2017)

The British bakery chain Greggs has apologised after an advert – which depicted a Nativity Scene in which the baby Jesus was replaced by a sausage roll in the manger – didn’t go down too well with its customers. The advert was intended to promote the bakery’s Advent calendar, Merry Greggmas, which offers coupons, gift […]

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT (Notes from Knaphill 10)

My first ‘serious’ girlfriend was a girl called Pat. I was 18 and she was 17 and we went out together for a whole year … and then she knitted me a jumper for Christmas and I started to panic?! I mean us boys back in the 60s all knew that when a girl knitted […]

TRICK OR TREAT? (Notes from Knaphill 9)

Yesterday was Halloween and I am reflecting on whether, as Christians and local churches, we need to take a more positive response to what has today in the UK become largely a secular (and some would say unhealthy even Satanic) event? For me, this was highlighted recently by a local Pre-School, who rent premises in […]

FISHERS OF … FISH? (Chania Chatter 6)

Our second week here in Chania is going much faster than our first week and we still have a lot to pack in before we go back to the UK. We are both hampered by heavy colds which is rather annoying since the weather, after a couple of showery days, is hot and sunny once […]


We are going out to dinner … to a rather nice courtyard restaurant situated in the maze of side streets in the old town … but first an early evening drink at one of the numerous harbour side cafes and restaurants. We go to one we have not been to before because it has comfortable […]

BUSKERS AND BEGGARS (Chania Chatter 4)

Most evenings we wander down into the old town either for an early evening drink by the harbour or for dinner … sometimes both! It is so lovely just sitting in the sun watching the world go by, whether that is the Glass Bottomed Boat going out for the sunset cruise, or the horse drawn […]