SHAKEN NOT STIRRED (Post-Easter 2021)

Grapefruit juice, fly-killer, enamel paint, cough mixture, window cleaning liquid, air freshener … No, I’m not delirious through overwork. Nor have I picked up Julia’s shopping list in mistake for my notes. I’m just thinking of how many household items bear the label ‘shake well before use’. Shaking has its hazards, as a college friend […]

… AND BREATHE (Post-Easter 2021)

Apparently 11 April is World Breathing Day, an annual global event that invites everyone to remember, experience and celebrate the healing and unifying power of breath. We all breathe, and we all breathe the same air, yet rarely do we stop to acknowledge how fundamentally important our breath is, or how it connects us to […]

QUESTION MARK MINDS? (Post-Easter 2021)

When it comes to the resurrection stories of Jesus everybody’s favourite character is Thomas – Doubting Thomas – although few will admit it. We love Thomas because we find it easy to identify with him, and the fact that he eventually found his way to vital faith encourages us all. Thomas was ‘a man with […]


When I was a lad I was a Cub Scout (for a short while … more about that later). We met every Wednesday evening in the big hall (which was actually quite little) in Betham Infants School just along the road from the British Legion in Greenford where we lived at the time (that’s another […]


When I was the Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church in Newbridge (in the late 1970s) there was an elderly lady, Mrs Pullen, who had been converted during the 1904 Welsh Revival. During open times of prayer and worship in the Sunday Morning Breaking of Bread Service she was the first one up to […]


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Easter People John Foster tells how an enquirer from Hinduism approached an Indian Bishop. Unaided he had read the New Testament, and the story had fascinated him. In particular he was gripped by the person of Jesus Christ. He felt he had entered a new world. In the Gospels it was…


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The Harrowing of Hell Two of my grandsons were discussing the meaning of Easter. Their conversation went something like this. George (age 5): ‘Luke, do you know that Easter time is when Jesus died on the cross?’ Luke (age 3)  ‘Yeah … then he fell down a big hole!’ Now in…


The schoolteacher was completely nonplussed. It was her first Easter with her new class (she had only started at this particular school in the January) and she had innocently asked her children who the person at the heart of the Easter Story was. ‘The Easter Bunny!’ one little boy had replied instantly. ‘What about Jesus?’ […]

IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH (Palm Sunday 2021)

Reflecting this week on the events of that first Palm Sunday, and particularly the hollow praises of the majority of the people who witnessed Jesus’ so-called ‘Triumphal Entry’ into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11), reminded me of another incident forever etched on my memory from my student days at Spurgeon’s College back in the 1960s. [NB. It […]

CUT LOOSE (Views from the Abbey 23)

Someone sent me a short film clip recently of a barn owl caught up in a barbed wire fence. Now, I love barn owls – perhaps it has something to do with living in rural Dorsetshire for five years, or perhaps it is their cute faces – although if I were a small vole or […]